Astros cancel Star-Spangled Banner performance by man accused of sexually assaulting minor

The Houston Astros are scrapping the recording of 38-year-old Manuel Gamboa's performance of the Star-Spangled Banner.

In 2018, Gamboa, who goes by the stage Manny D Alesandro, was charged with sexual assault.

According to court records, Gamboa worked as a substitute teacher at Spring ISD, when he was arrested for performing a sex act on a 17-year-old student while the student was asleep.

The complaint also reads Gamboa recorded the act on this cell phone and Gamboa apologized to the student in text messages.

A spokesperson for the Houston Astros said they were not aware of these charges and Gamboa did not use his legal name when dealing with the team.

He went on to add the following:

"The Astros have had a number of individuals come to the ballpark this week to audition/pre-record the national anthem. Those individuals did not receive a guarantee that their anthem performance would be used during an Astros game. Needless to say, we will be deleting Mr. Gamboa’s anthem recording, we will not be using his recording at our games, and we will not be inviting him back to the ballpark."

Mike Trent, Gamboa's attorney, telling FOX 26 on the phone the move the by Astros "unfair." Trent adding his client is still awaiting trial and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Trent calling the case against Gamboa "astoundingly weak."

The Houston Astros tell FOX 26 there is no formal application form for anthem singers.