George Floyd's family preparing for upcoming trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin

The trial for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is scheduled to begin Monday.

In May of 2020, cellphone video showed Chauvin kneeing on the neck of George Floyd for nearly 9 minutes.  Floyd, a Houston native, died that day in Minneapolis.

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"I need justice for George," said George’s brother, Philonise Floyd.  "Murder is not murder until somebody is charged for it."

The Floyd family held a vigil at a Minneapolis church Sunday evening for George.  Philonise spoke to reporters before the church service about the upcoming trial.

"The video is all of the proof that you need [for a conviction]," said Philonise Floyd.  "If you can’t see anything wrong with that video, you need to go back and watch it again."

Chauvin’s attorneys have hinted at arguing drugs played a role in Floyd’s death.  According to autopsy reports, Floyd had been under the influence of fentanyl when he died.

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On Sunday, we interviewed FOX 26 Senior Legal Analyst Chris Tritico about the upcoming trial. 

"One piece of evidence can sway one person one way, and sway anybody else another way," said Tritico

Tritico was one of the lead defense attorneys for the Oklahoma City bombing case in 1997 involving Timothy McVeigh.

"No defense lawyer comes in and says we agree with the conduct here," said Tritico.  "What we do, is come in and put the constitution to the test [and] put the state to the test.  Make them prove what they say our client has done.  If the evidence doesn’t show that he’s guilty, then they should find him not guilty.  But, if the evidence shows he murdered this guy, then they should find him guilty, because that’s what the law says."

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Opening statements are set to begin Monday in Chauvin’s trial.

"You can’t sweep this under the rug," said Philonise.  "I have faith that he will get convicted, just like anybody that saw that video, because the video is the proof."