LIST: Icy conditions and closures on Houston-area roadways

The historic winter storms caused icy roads, and downed power lines across the Houston area.

Several crashes were reported, and local authorities asked the public to stay home and avoid driving if possible.

Houston TranStar is reporting the following icy roadway locations:

Crashes amid icy road conditions

A mix of light sleet and snow is possible early on Thursday morning and ice is once again expected to accumulate on the ground. 

Roads and other surfaces will be very slick, and driving will be hazardous during the morning hours. 

Third round of winter weather to impact southeast Texas: What you need to know

A winter storm has moved into southeast Texas Wednesday morning as many Houston-area residents are among the millions across the state without power. 

Local authorities have been urging motorists to avoid driving among freezing temperatures this week.

Icy road conditions began in some areas northwest of Houston on Friday morning, when authorities responded to two crashes.  In northwest Harris County, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said deputies were investigating a crash near SH 99 and the Northwest Freeway where black ice was being reported. In Magnolia, police warned drivers to be aware of icy road conditions after a crash involving 10 vehicles on an overpass at FM 1488 and FM 1774.

Around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo tweeted that units were working on 60 car crashes. 

A few hours later, Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena said nearly 120 accidents were reported throughout the city on Sunday.

"Please don't put your life and the lives of first responders in danger by attempting to drive tonight," he wrote.

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Chief Acevedo said there were 588 traffic crashes from 6 p.m. Sunday through 11 a.m. Tuesday. One person died.

On Thursday morning, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez warned that roadways such as US-290 and bridges west of US-99 were heavily iced. He said units were working several crashes.

Driving safety

Experts say the best way to avoid an accident is to stay off the roads. 

Drivers can prepare for getting stuck in cold weather by putting a blanket, snacks, and water in their car.  Make sure your cell phone is charged or have a charger with you.

Here are a couple of other tips from driving experts:

-   Leave 600 feet, or about six car lengths, between your vehicle and one ahead of you.

-   If you hit ice, don't accelerate or slam on the brakes.

-   If you have anti-lock brakes, just press gently. The brakes will do the work for you

 -   If the rear of your car starts sliding in one direction, gently steer into the same direction.

Preparing your car and driving tips for icy roads

Drivers can take steps now to prepare their vehicles to drive in snow and ice.