New treatment for dry eyes also zaps wrinkles

Dry eyes can be a painful and frustrating condition. Now, an eye specialist in The Woodlands is treating the problem with a painless procedure. It has an added and surprising cosmetic benefit.

Jeannie Cashman-Perlman was sick of her dry eyes.

"I've been suffering for about four years, and I had been to see about three other ophthalmologists, and they kept giving me steroid drops. I thought it doesn't work, it's a temporary fix, so I thought I'm going to give it one more shot. I would spend most of my day concentrating on how to fix my eyes, because they were very uncomfortable, dry and itchy and burn, and they would get tired really easily in front of the computer. This new treatment helped, almost immediately!  Then, they kept getting better and better. And then by the time I had my second part of the process, I was golden, I was good," smiles Jeannie. 

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Dr. Julio Arroyo with Eye Health Consultants is offering the treatment called bipolar radiofrequency and photobiomodulation.

"Basically that just means two different versions of energy, and energy does two things. One of them for is creating heat, although that's not the most important aspect of this treatment. The other one is light, and this light is extremely rejuvenating for cellular function," explains Dr. Arroyo.

It takes a few minutes and is considered painless since it just creates a warm sensation. The powerful combo has different goals.

"The first one improves the flow of the glands. What happens in dry eyes is the glands are clogged up, they are chronically inflamed. So they fail to provide the raw materials that are needed to create high-quality tears," says Dr. Arroyo.

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The treatment can help decrease inflammation, which helps the eyes stay moist. The other part of the treatment helps battle those fine lines that often surround the eyes.

"As we grow older, we all do, we lose collagen. The foundation of the skin, which we call collagen, starts dissipating, going away. So there's more laxity and more wrinkling of the skin," says Dr. Arroyo.

Jeannie is pleased with both aspects of the treatment, including no more fine lines.

"Yes it did help, and yes I did have them," says Jeannie. "It's a perfect marriage because not only you can improve your dry eyes, but also you can improve your appearance around the eyes," says Dr. Arroyo.

He also tells us there is very little downtime. Patients can wear make-up the next day.

He says it works on all skin types and complexions.

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