Some summer camps getting new tool to keep campers safe

Some summer camps for kids are getting a new tool to keep everyone safe.

"The summer is very long and if you don’t have care, like you need to keep them active or they are going to destroy your house for sure. I have three of them, and if I don’t get them out somewhere, it is going to be a disaster zone for me," said Julia McLaurin, a parent of three children.

She says she feels more comfortable now that Governor Abbott is providing an extra layer or precaution. He, along with the Texas Division of Emergency Management, announced the start of COVID-19 rapid testing programs for youth camps. Those camps registered can get the antigen tests for staff and campers who volunteer to participate.

"I was really pleased to see the governor’s guidelines and to see that they are very similar to what he had us do last year. Last year, we ran camp successfully with no cases of COVID, so I know that the protocols were helpful in that and that they work," said Lisa Olson, the director for an overnight camp called Carolina Creek. 

She says camp has been a safe and fun experience for staff and kids. 

"They really didn’t hamper us from enjoying camp the way we remember it back when the world was normal."

Governor’s guidelines for overnight camps include:
- no parents or guardians visiting during camp or between sessions
- staff reporting to camp 10 days prior to be monitored

Youth camps can apply here.

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