"Three years too long": Family, friends waiting for arrests in deadly shooting on the East Freeway

Eric Fulcher says he has long recovered from getting shot in the shoulder. However, he is still dealing with the emotional pain of losing his friend, Leroy Sauceda.

"I just remember looking at him and saying 'I'm hit.' But, I didn't hear anything," Fulcher painfully recalled. 

The shooting happened on February 23, 2018 just after 2 a.m. Fulcher says only arrests in the case could help him begin to heal. 

"Getting these people behind bars or serving some type of justice would be the only way," he said.

In July 2018, Houston Police released surveillance video of two men leaving Chula's Sports Cantina on the East Freeway. Police say the pair got into a white SUV and followed Fulcher and Sauceda as they drove way from the bar.  The two men, police believe, opened fire on the friends. 

Families still searching for suspects 1 year after deadly shooting

"I just remember us listening to music. That's it. Chilling, just enjoying the moment," Fulcher told FOX 26. "Until we got hit out of nowhere."

Houston police say Fulcher and Sauceda got into an argument with the two men at the bar. Fulcher says he doesn't remember what it was about, but neither he or Sauceda made much of it.

Houston Police say they need more evidence to file charges. Fulcher hopes witnesses can help police. 

"If someone could [have] heard them or have witnessed them saying or bragging about this stupidity," he said.

Sauceda's sister, Deanette Sauceda, has made it her life's mission to get justice for him. The siblings were less than a year apart in age and best friends. 

"[Police] know who these people are already and for nothing to be done -- it's been three years too long," Deanette said. 

She is also pleading for any witness to come forward.

"If it was your brother or your cousin, your nephew, your son, what would you do? You would want justice as well. You would want somebody to say something," Deanette noted. 

If you have any information about the case, please contact Crime Stoppers of Houston by phone at 713-222-TIPS (8477). You could be eligible for a cash reward of up to $5,000.