Personalize Your Electronics with Custom Wraps

Some people go through many different phone cases looking for the perfect design. Houstonian Qazi Shahryar, owner of Atasca Customs, is taking cell phone customizations to the next level. Instead of cell phone cases, he custom wraps your actual cell phone and pretty much any other electronic device. Book your appointment at @atascacustoms on Instagram.

Trailer Park Theme Bar opens in the Heights

Fat Boots Trailer Park Bar is the latest addition to the Washington Avenue strip. Located at 4218 Washington Ave, the owner Jennifer Worthington says the concept celebrates trailer park living and RV camping. Equipped with kiddie pools to “fish” from, a phone booth, props, a good time and so much more at this one-of-a-kind unique adult playground.

Making the Case: Reality of Chauvin retrial request

Could Derek Chauvin really be tried all over again? News Edge legal expert Charles "Big Angry" Adams talks about what would need to happen for a judge to grant Chauvin's legal request. The former Minneapolis police officer was found guilty of murder in the death of Houston native George Floyd. He claims his convictions should be thrown out because his Constitutional rights were violated several times throughout the month long trial.

Bun B & local groups holding vaccine pop up

Houston music legend Bun B says more people getting vaccinated is the only way we will return to any type of normalcy, especially in the music community. Bun B has partnered with The Houston Music Foundation, Houston Methodist and The Heights Theater to host a COVID-19 vaccine drive. The Pfizer vaccine will be offered without an appointment to the city's music community on Wednesday May 5 from Noon to 4 p.m. The vaccine will be administered at The Heights Theater located on W 19th Street. The second dose will be given at the same location on June 2.

Making the Case: Filing a police report

A recent traffic stop in Houston has sparked a conversation about traffic stops. An HPD officer pulled over Quentin Jiles for driving in the left lane of Highway 59 and not using it only for passing. The controversial exchange now has people wondering how they can file a formal complaint against an officer they feel did not interact with them in an appropriate manner. The Houston police department says they’re looking into the officer’s actions.

The Breakdown: Discussing the Crown Act

House Bill 392, the so called Crown Act, would make it illegal to discriminate based on hair texture. Styles like braids, locks or twists, they would all be protected at work or at schools, and these styles are commonly worn in Black cultures. The bill argues that banning them is discriminatory.

Claims of an Uber/Lyft Driver Shortage

FOX 26's Matthew Seedorff spoke with one rideshare user who says the prices for ridesharing services are going up as companies are working to get drivers back on the road.

Neighborhood Leader Tomaro Bell

The death of Georgia. Floyd led many to not just speak up for civil rights and justice, but take action. Former Super Neighborhood president Tomaro Bell shares her thoughts.