Mural project refreshes Houston area

UP Art Studio has brought its "Big Walls, Big Dreams" project to Houston to revitalize and refresh buildings throughout the area. More than twenty murals are expected to go up through the months of May and June, including a walkable painting on Preston Street in Downtown. For a map and full list, visit

Waller factory hiring 1000 workers

Houston continues to struggle to build back the jobs that were lost due to rock-bottom oil prices and the pandemic. One employer is making a dent in unemployment numbers by hiring one thousand employees and offering them a way to get to work.

Reaching victims of human trafficking during COVID-19 pandemic

"Everybody is seeing an increase in both labor and sex trafficking," said Elaine Andino is the organization's director of partnerships. United Against Human Trafficking also leads the 55 member organization Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition. 

NAACP Webinar on COVID-19 Vaccine

A candid conversation about the coronavirus vaccine, in a virtual town hall presented by the NAACP Houston Chapter and FOX 26 Houston. Melissa Wilson moderators a panel of medical professionals to answer viewer questions about the COVID-19 vaccines,

Texas A&M University making mental health a top priority for students

Texas A&M has worked to provide mental health services in many different ways, but with the help of Kognito's At Risk training they're giving students the tools they need to help each other by conversing with virtual humans and acting out real-life crisis scenarios.

FOX 26 in Focus- Rebound and Recovery October 23, 202

A band teacher finds a unique way to protect himself and his students from the coronavirus and Denise Middleton explains how rewilding might actually prevent future pandemics and a quick look at some job opportunities here in the Houston area.

Who's Hiring

At home care nurses in high demand and help for those in the oil and energy sector.

Beat COVID-19 Mental Health Helpline

City of Houston Health Department supported by the U.S. House of Representatives has established a helpline open 7 days a week to provide individual and group crisis intervention and to educate and support citizens adjusting mentally and emotionally to the stressors associated with COVID-19